If any time of day or time of year are ideal for tasting a coffee, know that there are Simple and fast recipes To be able to keep coffee in your life, even on the warmer days of the year.

In addition to your aroma and flavor, the extra energy that these small grains offer you can also be served with ice, ice cream or smoothie, in its simplest version or accompanied by ingredients like beats, condensed milk or fruit.

Meet 4 recipes for coffee drinks and enjoy a tasty summer


Coffee with ice, a classic!

We started in the most popular and simple way.

Coffee with ice, in reality, can not be considered a recipe, just need to gather ice to the coffee drink that most like: Expresso, Double Express, American, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato ... and sweeten to taste.

If you have an automatic coffee machine primadonna elite experience of de'longhi, you can prepare the icy coffee recipe automatically using the Mixcarafe jug and the aero mixer. Learn how inCold coffee de'longhi PrimaNa Elite Experience.

Frappuccino cold

 If you like coffee with a sweet touch, the Frappuccino cold It will undoubtedly be your drink for the summer.

To prepare it requires only 1 Coffee, Condensed Milk, Ice and Natas Beats.

Coffee we join 1/4 of the same amount of condensed milk and mixed. In a blender, we stank the ice together with the coffee mixture and the condensed milk until a granis is formed. Vertemen the granish for a tall glass and add the beats, without mixing.

Decorate with caramel syrup to taste.

Coffee Ice Cream

If it is a real passionate for coffee, you will safely love power eat at the spoon!

Despite the various alternatives of coffee ice cream That you find in supermarkets and gelatarias, prepare you at home is a simple, healthy and 100% personalized option to your taste.

Try it.


400 ml of milk

50 ml of coffee

25 gr of coffee powder

120 gr of sugar

25 g of powdered milk

Cocoa powder to taste

11 GR of corn starch

200 ml of cream

Preparation mode:

Boil the 400 ml of milk and add the 25 gr of ground coffee. When the mixture is homogeneous, remove and let stand for 15 minutes, in the end pass the mixture by the steader.

Dissolves corn starch in 50 ml of coffee.

In a separate tacho, place the mixture of coffee already coad and add sugar, milk powder and cocoa powder. Mix until boiling and add the corn starch dissolved in the cafe.

Stir until the starch is cooked and the mixture thickens. Remove and cool.

When it is cold, join the beats and wrap.

Place the preparation in a hermetic container and take the freezer. After a few hours, the ice cream will be ready to serve.

Smoothie of coffee and banana

Already thought fruit and coffee and make your breakfast more nutritious and tasty?

We already! And the result was a delicious smoothie of coffee and banana.


1 espresso

1 banana

1 glass of milk (or vegetable drink to taste)


Cocoa powder Ice

Preparation mode:

Prepare an espresso.

Pink the ice in a blender, add coffee and add all the remaining ingredients.

Mix until you get a creamy result.

Serve in a high glass and decorate with milk foam and cocoa powder.

Simple. Delicious!