The world is rendered to coffee and its unique flavor!

THEstoryFrom this product dates back to the fifteenth century and the monasteries of Yemen, where the first evidence of coffee consumption such as drink are found.

According to the International Coffee Organization, this product is currently the most commercialized merchandise all over the world, only surpassed by black gold, oil.



How much coffee is consumed in the world?

Coffee consumption grows from day to day, consistently revealing a positive growth trend over the last 35 years, with an increase of about 95% consumption.

This means that almost 10,000 million kg of coffee per year around the world are consumed, which translates into an average consumption per person of 1.3 kg of coffee per year.


Who produces and who matters more coffee in the world?

The United States of America are the country that matters the most this product, being Brazil one of the main producers and exporters, followed by Colombia that merely marketed the varietyArabica.


Who consumes more coffee in the world?

Finland is the country that leads consumer ranking, with about 12kg of coffee consumed per year per year. Secondly, Norway is nearly 10kg per person, followed by Sweden with 8.4kg.

This result is related to typical consumption habits of the Nordic countries, where it usually drinks filter coffee, which tends to significantly increase the dose of coffee consumed.

InPortugalThis is a growing sector but also changing, with greater diversity in demand and specialization, with increasingly demanding consumers and who also begin to also appreciate other options such as Cappuccino, thecoffee fRiveror Cocktails with coffee base.

Still, Portugal occupies one of the last places in the table of the 20 countries that most consume coffee in the world.

How do you get coffee in Portugal?

Almost80%of the Portuguese drink your coffee away from home.

This is clearly a habit related to the social component and the relaxation of tasting a perfect coffee, and more than half of the occasions of consumption of the Portuguese are effectively shared moments with other people.


However, quality and comfort in the habit of drinking coffee are factors that distinguish "traditional" consumers from"True lovers" of coffee.