Reusable Capsule for Delta Q

In €29.95

Looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable coffee capsules but don't miss out on the high quality of your coffee? Recapsulando reusable capsules are the missing item in your...

Reusable Capsule for Dolce Gusto

In €27.95

What could be better than enjoying a good coffee? We can only think of one answer - enjoy a good coffee knowing that your capsule will not have a harmful...

Reusable Capsule for Nespresso

In €26.95

Get the most out of your coffee machine with the least penalty for the environment – ​​replace traditional disposable capsules with reusable capsules Recapsulando. With a very long life cycle,...

Reusable Capsule for Pingo Doce

In €26.95

The same coffee as always, but now more eco-frendly – ​​with Recapsulando capsules, you can have all the flavor, but with a smaller environmental footprint. Compatible with Pingo Doce machines,...

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