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€30.00 €27.95
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It is undeniable how disposable capsules speed up the entire process of preparing your coffee - in a few minutes, without a lot of work or dirty dishes, you can prepare the famous espresso in a practical way. However, have you ever stopped to think about what happens to the countless used capsules?

More than 160 million plastic and aluminum capsules are thrown away every day without any ecological concern. Reuse your capsules and avoid contributing to this deposit of harmful waste in the environment.



According to DecoProteste, each Portuguese consumes, on average, 700 capsules of coffee per year. Multiplying this figure by the number of users of coffee capsules around the world… we are faced with a very worrying number.

In addition to the benefits in terms of the environment, since it avoids the production of more polluting residues, even without proper treatment, the reusable capsule system also allows you to enjoy your coffee more economically, saving up to 65% compared to the conventional system – with its use, the average cost of an espresso coffee reduces from €0.38 to €0.05, without losing the essence of your coffee of choice.

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Reusable Coffee Capsule

Nespresso / Kit 1 Cápsula
Nespresso / Kit 1 Cápsula
€30.00 €27.95