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  • Kit 3 Cápsulas
  • Kit 3 Cápsulas + Prensa
  • Kit 3 Cápsulas + Prensa e Colher
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  • Kit 6 Cápsulas + Prensa
  • Kit 6 Cápsulas + Prensa e Colher
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It is impossible to deny how much disposable capsules speed up the entire process of preparing your coffee - in a few minutes, without a lot of work or dirty dishes, anyone can prepare the famous espresso in a practical way. But, have you ever stopped to think about what happens to used capsules?

More than 160 million plastic and aluminum capsules are thrown away every day! Reuse your capsules and avoid contributing to this harmful waste deposit in the environment.

Maria A.
I think it's great. It met my desire to protect the environment. I recommend it to all my friends.
Raimundo S.
Good economy. I recommend.
Pedro F.
The coffee comes out well, but the "grounds" are not dry. There is water in the capsule. But he takes good coffee.
Maria M.
I was honestly hoping for better
Jose P.
Very good quality
susana s.
Super fast shipping..
André S.
Elisabete .
The machine broke after 13 uses . I would appreciate the information on how to return everything and the refund of the money paid. thank you
Helena S.
The product works!! It's just a shame it's not made in Portugal!!
Carla M.
Mt practical
Baião J.
I have a Dolce Gusto machine and the capsules get stuck, making it difficult to open them. I've only used it once and I'm afraid to use it because it could break the machine.
Maria A.
Very good. The coffee comes out great.
Ana Raquel F.
These capsules were to offer to my mother. We bought plastic but the idea will be to buy the others in the future. However, as she was afraid to take the risk and because it's only for use in the coffee machine at work, we bought these. She's satisfied!
Nuno M.
Draws a good spout, identical to the non-reusable capsules on the market. However, they are somewhat fragile. Good option!
Carla B.
It's very good
Marlene R.
It's spectacular. I notice a significant saving in the number of capsules that went to waste, more plastic, and financially. We have to be careful the first time we put the capsule in to identify very well where it is pierced by the machine and from there it's...enjoy. I feel good about having found an ecological solution to the pleasure of drinking coffee (4 coffees a day). Thank you, I'm completely satisfied.
Bruno F.
Perfect. Just find the right amount of coffee for the person and it works 5 stars.
Tânia F.
Compatible with the machine.
Marina F.
It works very well, because the coffee is equally tasty and creamy. I just have to point out some difficulty in closing the capsule well, the rubber gives a little.
Maria de Aires Guerreiro Serra S.
Very practical to use and does all the difference from day to day. I am very satisfied.
Paulo Jorge Montês from S
The capsules do not seal well
Beatriz M.
I liked it
Soraia G.
Very good
Fatima R.
Acceptable, nothing more bad to say.
Irene R.
What I say is that the press exceeded my expectations. It's very good and I advise everyone to buy it
Susana M.
I was hesitant to buy it, we are coffee fans and I thought it wouldn't be the fact it's not It's ...we better be very satisfied.
Tatiana R.
Marta Daniela D.
They had little use, but they are already leaving.
Dulce B.
I liked it a lot, and the coffee comes out very good.
Maria E.
Ana Lucia F.
Excellent, I really liked it and it is practical for my genie 2 machine from dolce gusto
Carla G .
Excellent product but to better produce the effect I want I have to buy more capsules and do a daily or weekly pre-preparation. I really liked the product.
Maria d.
Bruno C.
Very practical, easy to wash, so I can choose another brand of coffee and of course environmentally friendly. Thank you very much, excellent product
Luis R.
I find the product useful to save the use of ground coffee compared to Dolce Gusto capsules
For now I'm very satisfied and I'm already sharing it with my friends. The objective for now is being achieved, to eliminate the trail of garbage that is made with the other capsules
Sílvia F.
Very good
Sandra A.
I went to a hypermarket to buy the appropriate coffee for the capsules, I asked the employees for help and they were unaware of this method, there I found the coffee and the girls were interested in the capsules, as such I recommended and told the site to order. very satisfied! ! Good luck and good sales.
Maria A.
the product complies with the information on the website
Exactly as in the photo now we will have to test them. They arrived earlier than expected.
Good set. The quality is good.
Perfect product. Same as the description.
excellent product, arrived quickly as advertised
I just received I loved it came well packaged
Thank you very much for the serious service the seller is correct and good product.
Exactly the same to the described. I used it and it was perfect
Quality capsules, delivery is very fast. Well packaged, fast seller! Order is recommended!
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Dolce Gusto Reusable Plastic Capsule

Kit 3 Cápsulas
Kit 3 Cápsulas