Reusable Capsule for Delta Q


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  • Kit 1 Cápsula
  • Kit 1 Cápsula + 2ª com 50%OFF
  • Kit 1 Cápsula + Prensa
  • Kit 1 Cápsula + Prensa e Colher
  • Kit 2 Cápsulas + Prensa
  • Kit 2 Cápsulas + Prensa e Colher
€31.95 €29.95
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Looking for a sustainable alternative to traditional disposable coffee capsules but don't miss out on the high quality of your coffee? Recapsulando reusable capsules are the missing item in your daily life!

In addition to the benefits for the environment, the use of these capsules also means savings – thanks to their durability, these capsules reduce the cost per coffee, thus making them a more economical choice than traditional capsules.</p >

Make the right choice – Recapsulando!

We recommend fine grinding or soluble coffee 

Capsule NOT compatible with model Delta Q Qlip

  • Stainless
  • Color: silver
  • Compatible with your Delta Q machine
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Reusable Capsule for Delta Q

Kit 1 Cápsula
Kit 1 Cápsula
€31.95 €29.95