Reusable Capsule for Dolce Gusto


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  • Kit 1 Cápsula
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  • Kit 2 Cápsulas + Prensa e Colher
€29.95 €27.95
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What could be better than enjoying a good coffee? We can only think of one answer - enjoy a good coffee knowing that your capsule will not have a harmful effect on the environment!

With Recapsulando reusable capsules, everything you love about your drink of choice stays the same – the aroma, texture and taste. The only factor that changes is the fact that your consumption cycle is much more responsible and eco-friendly!

Our capsules are also a more cost-effective alternative – the average price of coffee is substantially reduced by opting for this more durable and resistant solution.

Accounts done, everyone wins!

  • Stainless steel capsule with perforations
  • Color: silver
  • Compatible with your Dolce Gusto machine

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Reusable Capsule for Dolce Gusto

Kit 1 Cápsula
Kit 1 Cápsula
€29.95 €27.95