Espresso Machine Descaler


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Why should we descale coffee machines?

In addition to cleaning, it is essential to descale the coffee machine. Only in this way will the machine always work well, for a long time.

The main reason is water

Water contains a number of minerals that are important for our body. However, when heated, these minerals loosen, forming limestone. Over time, the limestone gets thicker and thicker, which affects machine parts. Over time, parts will wear out, which can cause noise and malfunction.
This is even more important if you use tap water in your coffee machine.


1 unit 30g

10 unit 300g

Signs that the machine is in need of descaling

  • the amount of coffee and foam decreases
  • the capacity for water in the reservoir is less
  • the machine heats up more than usual
  • the machine makes unusual noises

Don't risk running out of your homemade coffee! Try using a descaler and make sure your coffee machine lasts for many, many years.


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