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To have great coffee, you need to choose the right grind. Why is grinding so important, you may ask? Simply because before you make your coffee, you need to grind it first. To get the most out of your ground coffee, you must ensure you use the right grind.

If it’s too thick, you’ll get a tasteless drink, the famous “Carioca”. The finer the grind, the better the result; a very strong and creamy coffee.

Therefore, we advise you to choose a type 3 coffee with a medium grind. This allows the water to flow perfectly into the capsule, providing for a delicious coffee with a fine level of foam on top.

Our pods are ready to use:

1- Fill your reusable pod 80/90% with finely ground coffee and press lightly with your RecapsulandoⓇ Press

2- Close the capsule and insert it into your coffee machine

3- Turn on the coffee machine and your coffee is ready!

4- Once the coffee has been dispensed, removed the capsule from the reservoir (be careful, it will be hot)

5- Wash your Eco-friendly RecapsulandoⓇ Capsule with clean water. It is then ready to be reused immediately.

For optimal results, we advise you to purchase the press together with a RecapsulandoⓇ Capsule. It will allow you to press your coffee like a real barista and will make your coffee even more concentrated and intense.

You can find all out video tutorials on the product pages of each of our capsules or also on our Youtube Channel

The reusable RecapsulandoⓇ Capsules were designed specifically for espresso coffee machines, to work exactly the same as the original plastic ones.

The reusable RecapsulandoⓇ Capsule does not touch the needle of the machine, so there is no possibility of any damage.

Normally, in order to obtain optimal results for a delicious coffee, we advise NOT to fill the capsule to the brim. The more coffee there is in the RecapsulandoⓇ Capsule, the harder it is for water to flow through it. We recommend you to fill the capsule up to 90% and press it lightly with one of our RecapsulandoⓇ Presses.

You’ll also need to make some adjustments according to your own preferred taste.

Here are our recommended amounts according to our reusable RecapsulandoⓇ Capsules:

-NESPRESSO RecapsulandoⓇ Reusable Capsule: 5g

-DOLCE GUSTO RecapsulandoⓇ Reusable Capsule: 10g

-DELTA Q RecapsulandoⓇ Reusable Capsule: 6g

-PINGO DOCE RecapsulandoⓇ Reusable Capsule: 6g

In fact, for tea lovers, you can easily use our RecapsulandoⓇ reusable capsules with all types of tea or dry products.

Just put your loose tea in place of ground coffee and insert the capsule into your machine as usual.

After using your RecapsulandoⓇ reusable capsule, wait a few seconds before washing it so you don’t burn yourself. As soon as the temperature drops, open the capsule, empty the coffee contained in the capsule (you can recover the coffee for another use) and wash it with clean water

Before letting the capsule dry, make sure that there is no ground coffee residue left on it.

The RecapsulandoⓇ reusable capsule must be washed after use and then dried with a soft cloth.

Avoid chemicals or complexes in order to keep your capsules spotless and ready to use!

Store in a dry place, away from the sun.

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