Reusable Capsules for Nespresso

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What could be better than enjoying a heavenly cup of coffee? We can only think of one answer: enjoying that same delightful taste knowing that your capsule is not harming the environment your grandchildren and future generations will live in.

Get the most out of your coffee machine without penalising the environment. Replace traditional disposable plastic capsules with RecapsulandoⓇ reusable capsules and help to save our planet TODAY.

With RecapsulandoⓇ reusable capsules, everything you love about your drink of choice stays the same - the aroma, texture and taste. The only factor that changes is the fact that your consumption cycle is now much more responsible and eco-friendly.

RecapsulandoⓇ reusable capsules are a much more conscious and greener alternative in comparison to conventional methods.

With an extremely long life cycle, RecapsulandoⓇ reusable capsules allow you to dramatically reduce the ever-compounding waste that pollutes our beautiful Planet Earth.

This innovative, durable and resistant solution is a more economical & ecological way to enjoy your beverage of choice, significantly reducing the final cost of each cup of coffee you drink.

So, coffee lover, what are you waiting for?

-Stainless steel RecapsulandoⓇ reusable capsule with perforations

-Colour: Silver

-Compatible with your Nespresso machine

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Reusable Capsules for Nespresso

1 Nespresso Capsule
1 Nespresso Capsule