Adjustable Coffee Grinder (LARGE)

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There is nothing more authentic than freshly ground coffee, however, taste for coffee goes beyond the act of tasting it - it is a multi-sensory experience from beginning to end.

In order to enjoy fully enjoy the freshness and aroma of your favourite beverage even more, grind your own coffee with a RecapsulandoⓇ coffee grinder.

This grinder was designed in order to provide a very simple yet personal grinding experience that allows you to adjust and select the degree of grinding that you prefer. This allows you to perfectly adapt your coffee to your own machine, no matter which coffee or machine you use.

To grind your coffee on the spot, just insert the beans, turn the crank and see your coffee being deposited into the glass container at the base of the grinder.

-Black/Silver coated steel frame

-Ceramic grinder

-Glass container

-Store your grinder in the fridge to preserve the ground coffee

-Sanitise the glass container in your machine and clean the remaining parts with a damp cloth

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    Adjustable Coffee Grinder (LARGE)

    £45.00 £29.95